equipment requirements

There are a range of Video Conference platforms that provide the opportunity for students and teachers to work together in their weekly video conference class. These are referred to as syncronous (at the same time).

The Ministry of Education provides a video conference bridge which is managed by Asnet Technologies. This ensures that the delivery is seamless and without technical problems around sound and visual. Each class has a unique Password to join the online class.

The equipment used for connection to the MOE video conference bridge requires a polycom camera and TV unit, however with the changes in technologies, there is now a web-based app called Real Presence which allows for a connection from a laptop. Schools will have a dedicated room where the equipment is set up. These cameras allow for pre-sets and provide a better experience with larger groups.

Some classes will also use Google Hangouts (similar to skype) to deliver the weekly video conference class and after-school tutorials. Google Hangouts will work with any device. NetNZ uses Google Hangouts for all their online courses. The benefit of this platform is that students can connect from any device from anywhere (including home or away on sports trips as long as they have a good internet connection).