about farnet

FarNet is well known as a successful online Community of Schools providing online learning opportunities through the use of video conferencing and other online tools as part of the Virtual Learning Network Community.  Demand for online learning has steadily increased from the original 80 students to existing 600 students from FarNet and nationally the numbers are well over 2000 amongst the 7 other online communities

Courses usually consist of 10-15 students who come from different schools. Each school has an eDean who has the responsibility to provide on-site pastoral support for students. The course will run using an online hub or class space which acts as the focal point for learning and interaction. These class spaces are developed by the teacher using their tool of choice e.g. a google+ community or google classroom. Each class meets once a week for an hour using a video conference platform. During the video conference students see each other and their teacher, which provides an opportunity to build strong relationships which makes for a very engaging and conducive learning enviroment. Even though students only see their teacher and fellow students once a week, through the online enviroment and a range of different communication tools, students are able to make contact with their teacher and fellow students as often as need be. Completed assignments, assessments and activities are shared with the teacher mainly through google docs and drive so teachers are able to provide feedback in a timely way.