Digital Technology

Technology is intervention by design to expand human possibilities. Almost every aspect of daily life – food, health care, transport, communications, entertainment, our environment – uses technology. This technology is constantly evolving: today’s 'new technology' may be superseded tomorrow or in a year’s time. New Zealanders have long been technological innovators and creators. Our economy has been driven by creative problem solvers, designers and inventors.

L1-3 Computer Programming (Volcanics) overview
L1 Digital Technology (Baylink) overview
L3 Digital Technology (HarbourNet) overview
L3 Digital Technology (Volcanics) overview


The aim of this course is to develop skills and knowledge that will lead either directly into the workforce, or act as a curriculum bridge between secondary and tertiary education, in the hospitality/health industry.

Level 3 Hospitality (FarNet) overview

agriculture & equine

We have a selection of themed unit standards that are offered on a term by term basis. Student enrol with us term by term choosing from two options of themed groups.  Timetabled classes meet on a weekly basis over the course of the term.  Additional work and activities are provided through our moodle site. Student have the option to study for one or more terms.

Agriculture & Equine (Telford) overview